Friday, 13 February 2015

Elegant Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tents can be a beautiful focal piece for any event. Stunning details like billowy drapes, incredible lighting, and muted colors make this a magical more

Monday, 9 February 2015

Selecting the Best Candelabras for Your Romantic Wedding

There are so many details that go into pulling off a picture-perfect wedding day. From the dress to the flowers and every detail in between, it is those exquisiteaccent pieces that lend to the creation of a thematic style story. One of the most elegant anddecorative items that never fails to make a statement is the candelabra.

Benefits of Candelabras

Other than being simply beautiful, candelabras add the kind of elegance and romanticism that many have only witnessed on the big screen. The ambiance they add to a wedding venue is valuable beyond measure and should not be underestimated. Additional benefits include:
  • Candelabras are usually less expensive than large floral arrangements, yet still equally enhance the ambiance.
  • Flowers can be incorporated into the candelabras giving the appearance of a much bigger arrangement because of the space it takes up.
  • Unlike flowers, candelabras can be kept as a beautiful keepsake to treasure for many years to come.
Types of Candelabras

Candelabra centerpieces are most commonly seen on the tables of wedding receptions. They remain as an elegant way to dress the table and complete the look of the entire room. There are three main sizes for table candelabra centerpieces, which are:
  • Short – can provide a more intimate and relaxed feel
  • Tall – creates the most dramatic statement because of the height
  • Low and long – often winding across the table like ivy, this adds a unique flair and bit more pizazz
The size and style of the centerpiece candelabra will greatly depend on the type of tables being used and the overall mood and feel you would like to create. No matter the look, candelabras will provide the “wow” factor that you and your guests will always remember.

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Shape Up, Event Rental Pros: Steve Is Watching You

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Making Your Event Complete

Finding the best source for all the cutlery you could need for any event.

Often, the key to a good party is all in the details. Every element matters, even those that seem small, such as cutlery. Having the right utensils can be especially important for very formal events, where the wrong silverware could seriously unimpress the guests. Not to mention the fact that running out of cutlery can seriously impede the good times. Indeed, food is a central aspect of many celebrations, and having the proper serving tools only helps to facilitate the good times. Getting the right type and amount of cutlery can become one less thing to stress about when you find a reliable rental service that can provide everything you need.

The right company will be able to provide all of the right kinds of silverware for any event, from formal to casual. They can create a custom rental program for you based on the size and structure of the event being planned, including everything you need with nothing extraneous. Many rental services are willing to sit down with their clients and familiarize themselves with all of their requirements in order to provide the best service possible. Everything can be taken into account, including the color scheme of the event, the amount of food being served, the materials required, and of course, the budget. Many companies can provide a wide range of options that are enough to suit any preferences.

At the same time, what they are able to provide doesn't stop at cutlery. The right rental service as all of the equipment you could need to serve food at your event. This includes the tools needed to keep food warm or chilled, such as chafing dishes. They can also offer the right glassware needed for whatever drinks are being served, from champagne flutes to beer steins. When the small details like these are take care of, you'll find that all the bigger pieces start falling into place, and it becomes easy for everyone to have a good time.

When you're throwing a party, having all of the right stuff can be more important than you think. Not only will the theme of your event be more cohesive, there will be no disruptions due to supplies running out. Whether you are trying to impress classy guests with a huge amount of salad forks, or just want to make sure you have enough spoons for everyone, a reliable cutlery source is out there ready to help.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

9 News-Making Trends In Party Rental

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Monday, 2 February 2015

A Brief History on the United States Army Flag

The United States Army is a well-regarded and highly decorated branch of the nation’s military. Like the other four branches, the Army has its own flag and symbols steeped in tradition with a rich history that dates back hundreds of years.

Interesting Facts About the Flag

The U.S. Army flag contains the following imagery:
  • Consists of a white field with a blue symbol
  • The blue symbol is actually a replica of the War Office Seal
  • Beneath the seal is a red scarlet scroll
  • The scroll is inscribed with white letters  “United States Army”
  • Beneath the scroll is “1775” in blue Arabic numerals which denotes the Army’s establishment
Meaning Behind the Seal

The blue insignia of the War Office Seal depicts a Roman cuirass in the center which is symbolic of strength and defense. Additional weaponry that was commonly used by the Army at that time is also featured on the seal. Those weapons include:
  • Motor bombs
  • Cannon
  • Musket
  • Esponton
  • Sword
Also present on the insignia is a drum with drum sticks representing the Army’s role to protect and serve the people of its nation.

Seal of Approval

The U.S. Army flag was officially adopted by order of the 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower on June12, 1956. The flag was dedicated and unfurled to the general public on June 14, 1956, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, which ironically happens to be Flag Day.

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Stop Asking If Your Event Was A Success

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